Lettings Guide

Finding and letting a property can often be stressful. We know that it’s not a house you seek but a home. We work with you to find you something special whilst supporting you through the entire process. It’s important that you understand your responsibilities as a tenant so you can simply enjoy your tenancy. We work with our landlords to ensure repairs are undertaken quickly and professionally with minimal disruption to you. We expect the properties we let to be beautifully maintained, we want to introduce you to homes you would be proud to live in.

Before you start your search for a rental property it’s worth asking yourself:

1.What can you realistically afford?

You want a home, but you also need to live. Budgeting for bills, regular outgoings and having enough to still enjoy yourself is essential to sustaining your new home.

2.Location vs budget?

It is work doing some research on rental properties in your preferred location and at Kingsmarq, we are always happy to offer advice personally. You may need to make a compromise but it’s better than struggling to meet your financial commitments.

3.What kind of property do you need?

If you can be flexible, you will have more opportunities, as demand for rental property is high. Families will have different priorities to those who are single; focus on your needs rather than your wants.

4.What’s in your future?

No one has a crystal ball and life can certainly take us in directions we never imagined, but before you start to view, you need to have an idea of the type of tenancy you’re looking for. Typically, it’s a twelve-month term for properties let under assured shorthold tenancies, but some landlords prefer shorter or longer contracts, and some are even happy to include break clauses and notice periods. Discuss your needs and concerns with us and we can ensure that the tenancy fits your future plans.

5.Do you have references?

Have you placed yourself in a good position to move? Remember, you will be asked for references and details of your current employer. Having these things in place will speed up the process and make it easier.

6.Are you ready to move?

We know the deposit is a big investment, it’s normally one or two months’ rent. You will need this ready to transfer should you see a property you like – remember, you also need to budget for moving costs and other expenses.