How fast can you move house in 2022?

It might not be as fast as you imagine, but you could just get in for the end of the year. You might even get in in time for Christmas, but you will have to get started now.

As things stand, from the point of sale agreed to completion day is 150 days. That’s a whopping 50 days longer than in 2019. The impact of the pandemic is still being felt across the property market, with a backlog in conveyancing. Add to that the sheer number of people who are trying to move and lots of new homes coming on the market all the time.

It means estate agents are on the look out for buyers who can move fast – quite literally.  A short chain with all parties ready to go is the fastest road to completion, but the property market shows no sign of slowing down.

The quickest way to sell your property in 2022

The very first thing to do if you want to be in before 2023 is to get your home on the market before house hunting for your next property. Having a buyer in place for your property makes you a more attractive proposition for a seller.

First-time buyers can speed things up by having a Mortgage in Principle before viewing properties. Proving that your lender has agreed to a mortgage – in principle- puts you at an advantage. You may also want to evidence your deposit.

Instruct a conveyancer as soon as you can and stay in touch with them on a regular basis. Let them know when you’d like to exchange and complete so that there’s a target to work towards (even if it has to shift a little).

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